The 'Modern' Camerons

Hardly 'modern', you might think! But the name is intended to distinguish the Camerons in the descending line from the people in a direct line back from ourselves (the present-day Hartleys and Camerons in the North of England) who appear as 'The Millenians'. The aim of the author, of course, is to connect the two lines -- ---The Moderns with The Jacobites. - click on an underlined name to discover more about an individual

John Cameron b.1700circa - m. ??
Donald Cameron b.1730 - m. 1752 Katrin McGrigor
Duncan Cameron b.1756 - d.1854circa - m.1792 Grisell Kennedy b.1770
Angus Cameron b.1793
John Cameron b.1795 - d.1877- m.1821 Janet Mitchell b.1798 - d.1872
Janet Cameron b.1796
Donald Cameron b.1797
Florio_ Cameron b. 1810
Grace Cameron b.1825 - m.1849 James Blackwood Martha Cameron b.1825 - m.1825 John Stewart John Cameron b.1829 - d.1889 - m.1852 Elizabeth Murphy b.1829 - d.1916 Jean Cameron b.1830 Janet Cameron b.1830 - m.1858 John Robertson Mary Cameron b.1834 - m.1858 Hugh McKeith b.1807 - d.1857 Duncan Cameron b.1841 - d.1868
Janet Cameron b.1853 - d.1866 John Cameron b.1855 - d.1863 Ann Cameron b.1856 Robert Cameron b.1858 Peter Cameron b.1860 - d.1863 Duncan Cameron b.1862 - d.1863 Grace Cameron b.1864 - d.1939 John Cameron b.1866 - d.1867 Thomas Cameron b.1868 - d.1880 Duncan Cameron b.1870 - d.1933 - m.1897 Margaret McCrone Ferguson b.1870 - d.1938 Elizabeth Cameron b.1872 - d.1876 Elizabeth Cameron b.1876 - d.1894
  Janet McQuilton Cameron b.1898 - d.1980 - m.1922 Maurice Hartley b.1892 - d.1967 John Cameron b.1900 - d.1966 - m.Constance Alice Taylor b.1899 - d.1976
Born on: 03/01/2001 [March 1, 2001]