This site has been prepared mainly for the benefit of members of my family who may be interested in finding out who their forebears were, and how they fitted into the historical background into which they were born. Other visitors to the site are welcome and, who knows, there may be information to exchange which would further our mutual searches.
Duncan Hartley

Kilbarchan Callander Rannoch The ancient homeland of the Camerons

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The map on the left illustrates the migration of the family over a period starting more than two hundred and fifty years ago - from the Western Highlands, by way of the remote and (in those days) wild and dangerous Loch Rannoch area to the Lowland pastures of southern Perthshire and thence to the industrial centres of the Glasgow region.

This history of one family mirrors the tragic events that befell the Highland clans in those dark days of the mid-18th Century


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